Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management solution for small and medium sized companies. Not only will it give you full, uninhibited views of your entire business from anywhere in the world but it promises to do so in a more streamlined, easy-to-use manner. 

That being said, implementing any new business management software, no matter how navigable and user-friendly, will always require a certain amount of learning and education on yours and your teams part.

Whether you’re updating to Microsoft’s latest offering from their previous solution or coming over from an entirely new business management solution altogether; there will undoubtedly be things that are familiar and things that aren’t so familiar. The purpose of this page is to answer all of your questions surrounding Business Central and everything it has to offer. 

Need Help With Microsoft Business Central?

Business Central – Let’s Get To Know Each Other

To make the information as accessible as possible, we’ve provided you with multiple articles, right here, that explain everything you could wish to know that won’t just help you understand Business Central, but show you how to use it to its full potential.

If you aren’t sure of how to do something, or want to know the best choice within the PowerApps options for your needs, then you’ll find the answer below. Simply select any one of our articles and you’ll find our best ‘How To’ guides on everything Business Central related. 

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Adjusting Exchange Rates

Learn how to adjust the exchange rates for international clients in business central.

Adjusting Inventory Levels

Learn about the function to adjust inventory and stock levels to reflect your store rooms.

Multiple Ledger Entries

Find out how to apply a payment to multiple customer ledger entries in business central.

Cancel or Correct Invoice

Find out how to correct or cancel a purchase invoice in business central.

Creating Purchase Order

Find out how you can create a purchase order in business central.

Creating & Applying Credit Notes

Find out how you can create a credit notes in business central.

Creating Customers & Clients

Find out how you can add your customers into business central.

Emailing Documents & Files

See how you can email documents and files from business central.

Setting Up Suppliers & Sellers

See how you can setup new suppliers and sellers in business central.

Document Sending Profiles

How to setup document sending profiles in business central.

Item Category Profiles

Learn how to setup item category profiles in business central.

Setup Scheduled Reports

Learn how to setup scheduled reports in business central.

Discounts & Special Prices

How to handle discounts & special prices in business central.

How To Setup & Use Locations

Learn how to set and use locations in business central.

Link Purchase & Sales Order

How to link purchase and sales orders in business central.

Migrate Business Data

Learn how to migrate business data in business central.

Setup Purchasers

Learn how to setup purchasers in business central.

Inventory Costing

Learn how to work with inventory costing in business central.

Setup Salesperson

Learn how to setup a salesperson in business central.

Drop Shipments

Learn how to use drop shipments in business central.

Setup & Create New Items

Learn how to use create new items in business central.

Prioritise Suppliers & Vendors

Learn how to prioritise suppliers in business central.

Setup & Use Bank Accounts

Learn how to setup bank accounts in business central.

Customer Approval Workflow

How to setup a customer approval workflow in business central.

Setup Cash Flow Analysis

Learn how to setup cash flow analysis in business central.

Reconcile Customer Payments

Learn how to reconcile customer payments in business central.