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ERP for Financial Advisors

Whether you operate in banking, property finance, insurance, asset management, tax advisory, wealth management or private equity, as a financial advisor you come into contact with vast amounts of data every day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has fast become the accounting system of choice as it provides more efficiency, flexibility and detail compared to other ERP systems on the market, giving you the platform to grow to the next level.

D365 Experts work with a wide range of organisations in the financial services sector, helping them to make the most of the platform’s vast capabilities. From consultation, implementation and training D365 Experts can help you take advantage of the many powerful tools Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer.

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Better Develop Customer Relationships

The financial sector is a highly competitive space, and your clients need to have faith that you can offer a professional, reliable and trustworthy service that will take care of their business needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers you with the right tools to meet those demands, so you can maintain a clear record of all customer interactions, including emails, phone calls, products purchased and more, keeping all data in one easy to access location so you can offer the high-level support they need.

Cross Platform Integration

One of the most important things to consider when implementing a new accounting solution is its compatibility with other software relied on by your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to integrate with the full stack of programmes offered by Microsoft, be it Office 365, Powerapps, SharePoint, Teams and more. This kind of connectivity can simplify the set-up process, so disruption is minimised when first introducing Business Central into your organisation.

Accelerate Sales & Marketing

As a financial advisor you need to capitalise on new sales opportunities from existing clients, either through upselling or cross-selling new products and services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you more insight and detail about your customers across every sales touch point, helping you to understand their buying behaviours. You can use this data to market more effectively and target pain points with financial solutions that can open a wealth of new opportunities.

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Enhanced Security & Compliance

The financial sector is governed by strict compliance and meeting these standards is made more complicated with manual processes and unintegrated systems. You can take advantage of a host of automated processes that reduces the risk of human error and by keeping data safely stored in a centralised database it becomes easier to manage compliance issues. Admin users control security permissions and multi-authentication measures help keep critical data protected from cyberthreats.

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The D365experts team is waiting to hear from you today to discuss your needs in more detail. We have a long track record of working with financial advisors, enabling them to enjoy the many benefits Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer. Get in touch for an introductory chat or to book a free demo and we’ll be happy to help.

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