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Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates seamlessly with the Office 365 Suite. This simple integration takes away any of the pain that can often come when trying to integrate two different systems. Dynamics 365 integration avoids any of the hiccups that’s often associated with system integration such as having to flick back and forth between each system while trying to use them simultaneously, even for the simplest of tasks.

With Microsoft Dynamics integration, you’re able to create and send quotes directly from Outlook. You can also benefit from the ease of extracting data straight from an Excel spreadsheet and putting it into D365 Business Central. You can also make adding new contacts and companies straight into your CRM even easier from Outlook, with just the click of a mouse. Don’t believe us? You will, when you see the seamlessness of Business Central CRM integration.

It’s safe to say that Microsoft has hit the nail on the head when it comes to Business Central and Office 365 integration. They’ve made it not only easy to use but obvious, with the familiar operating systems. This has made data between programmes feel simple and made it far more efficient too.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Explained:

As an example of Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration, take a look at this:

Dave receives an email from a prospective client, requesting a quote for services. With this seamless and efficient integration, Dave can now:

  • Create a new company listing in Business Central
  • Add the necessary contact details to the above company
  • Create a quote
  • Send the quote

And he can do all of this without ever having to leave Outlook or flick between screens. Now that is efficient, productivity-increasing, seamless integration.

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